September 05, 2013

The Happy Me


Semalam, sebuah janji telah dicapati ditepati.. Dinner at Secret Recipe. Tom yam kung~~~
Best sebab everything went smooth and dapat makan sampai bunchit :P

The birthday girl with her mini :P

My other half and his mini :)

Cake of the day :) My all time fav. 

Green apple celery. Sedap!

Tomyum kung~~~~ 

Sape punya birthday sebenarnya nih?

Macaroni cheese. Panjang giler abah tarik cheese dia :)

Budak kecik ni pun nak join jugak :)

All in pink :)

New shopaholic in town :)

Thanks hubs dearie for the nite.. Rasa best sangat!

And now, back at melacca and had started to miss them already.. Sob :(

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