June 07, 2012

My Pregnancy Journal #3: Lost Weight And How Do I Cope With My CurrentSituation

As now I'm on my final days before entering 2nd trimester, but I still having morning sickness and vomitting all day long. Last week I had a monthly check up and guess what? I lost 2kg! It would be a good news if I'm not pregnant right? 😓

How do I cope with current situation when:

• I always get tired and have less energy to stay active through out the day
• Humaira getting active and cranky sometimes ask for my attention
• Judge has been busy with his work
• My mom can't come to accompany me at home
• My boss doesn't approve my leave for me to have a rest

I just go with the flow and just do whatever I am capable to do it. I won't force myself to do housework, cook etc etc. I eat whatever I can prepare it instantly (yes, it's instant noodle). For humaira, i just bought food from outside ( ignoring the msg, hygine during preparation etc etc).


eynaa said...

tahniah.....semua kesusahan semasa mengandung disertai dgn pahala....

Nanie Khairani said...

Thank you very much my dear fren... :)