November 16, 2011

Checkup Checklist For 1 Year Old Baby

Hi all,

I got this checklist from Baby Center. Ok let's check it out how's Humaira so far... :)

Checkup checklist
You can prepare for your child's 12-month checkup by anticipating some of the questions the doctor is likely to ask, such as these:
  • Sleep: How much is your child sleeping at night and during naps? 
      10 hours for night and 1-2 hours napping twice a day

  • Eating: What kinds of solid food is your child eating? How's his appetite? Does he enjoy feeding himself finger foods?
      She has a very good appetite. Like to eat rice with chicken. Did not really like fish and also crunchy food (biscuits)

  • Teeth: How many teeth has your child cut?
     8. 4 for each side

  • Developmental skills: Is your child crawling well? Pulling up? Cruising or walking? Pointing? Making eye contact and responding to his name?
     Humaira now can walk well and stable. Yes she like pointing things and people, can make good eye contact and    
     response very well to he name.

  • Vision: Have you noticed frequent squinting or eye rubbing, or a tendency to hold toys and books close to his face? (Read about other signs of a vision problem.)
     No. She's holding books or other stuffs just normal like us.


  • Speech: Does your child imitate sounds, babble, or say any words?
     Yes. And her 1st word is "abah baba ba ba" :)

So, tell me your baby's progress. Hope all of us have a healthy kids. :)

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