February 17, 2011

Mr Judge My Love

Who is  Mr. Judge?

This few days, I read at one famous forum, the forumers talking about their husband..Surprisingly most of the ladies mentioned that they are working during the day and when return home, they need to do a lots of housework such as cooking, wash dishes, laundry, and many more.. Suddenly my mind flew to my beloved hubby -Mr. Judge-
Throughout our 1 1/2year marriage, I was blessed to have a very understanding and helpful husband.

1. From the day doctor confirmed my pregnancy, his 1st response is "From now on, your task is only  cooking, i'll do the rest"... 
  ~~ And YES, I never wash our laundry since that... and also the both floors, the 5 bathrooms... he cleaned it.!  :D

2. Also during my pregnancy he made me a cup of milk every night. Sweet huh?! :x

3. Now, when Humaira was born, he said to me, "Ayang masak on weekend je, weekdays    
     takyah masak"  >:d<

4. Last month we made a deal... I handle all the clothes part (wash, hanging and arrange in the wardrobe) while he taking care of all the dishes (including the dining table).
 ~~ Guess what? most of the time, when I woke up in the morning, the kitchen is cleaned! and same goes to our laundry basket! He not even wash the laundry but hanging it instead.. huhuhu... what else I can say? :x

5. Every night before sleep, he changed Humaira's diapers and do the same thing when he woke up in every morning .  o:-)

6. OK enuff... cannot write too much or I'll make him kembang hidung.. hehe

7.  Love you Lalink... Soooooo much!!!
My Man

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