January 17, 2011


Yeahhh.. itulah akhirnya.. dalam blogspot ni sendiri dah ada statistic.. tak perlu lagi kita add ons from 3rd party.. Senang kan?

From this stats, view can view our blog traffic, audiences, our posts that has been viewed and etc...


Above is stats from my blog. 1st tab show the overall of statistic. Graph for pageview, our posts that has been viewed, traffic sources and also our audiences.

If we want to view in details , just click on the tabs below.

Under this tab, we can view our posts that been viewed. It also shows how many view for each pages.

Traffic Sources

Under traffic sources, we can view the traffic of our blog. It covers referring URLs, referring sites, and also search keywords that people used that lead to our blog. Amazing huh? :)


Wahhh.. I like the content under this tab. It show you the audience from various browser, country (come with world map) and operating system(OS).

see, they even show our traffic in pie chart! :)

And, we also can choose to view our stats in daily, weekly, monthly or all time... :)

Till then... happy blogging buddies... \(^_^)/

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