January 08, 2011

Hectic Week 1

This week was a very hectic week..
As starting of a new year, i took a leave on Monday coz my MIL went back to hometown... so no one here to take care of Humaira.. Luckily mr Judge also on leave that day.. Yeayyy... can spent more time with him since he left me for 3 weeks due to his job requirement...

Ok then as usual, I woke up at 5am , Tuesday morning to express my breastmilk.. Suddenly while I'm pumping, my pump stop the suction...Aiyoooo... I need at least 5oz of milk for that day stock... Godek2 the pump, still not working..huhu.. Express with hand? Of course I was thinking bout it too.. but how?? I was pampered by expressing milk using electrical pump from the beginning.. never use hand..
So, when arrived at the office, I called the supplier of Spectra, story to them bout my problem.. they asked me to bring the pump to the centre and they'll check it 1st... Ok then during lunch break, I drove all the way from Cyberjaya to Subang Jaya.. Oh ya.. the service centre is Histopoint located at SS18 Subang Jaya... they do a services for various type of Spectra pump.

Dipendekkan cerita... they said milk got into the pump.. In the pump also got a tube just like the long tube at the outside but shorter. So I must leave my pump there for at least 2 days. aiyooooo.... then how am gonna express my milk? OK. they said they can loan to me their pump. ok then I agreed.. and guess what? thay gave me spectra 2.. wuaaa.... the pump is about double size from spectra 3 and of course the weight also heavier than S2 also...

Maybe coz not familiar with the S2, my nipple get pain and hurt using this pump. Argghhhh... tak tahan, on the 2nd day, back from work, I went to Bebe's Home at Seksyen 9 Shah Alam and bought a new manual pump.. AVENT! hehe.. finally... (I will write about Avent later..in the next post.. maybe..:))

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