January 17, 2011


Yeahhh.. itulah akhirnya.. dalam blogspot ni sendiri dah ada statistic.. tak perlu lagi kita add ons from 3rd party.. Senang kan?

From this stats, view can view our blog traffic, audiences, our posts that has been viewed and etc...


Above is stats from my blog. 1st tab show the overall of statistic. Graph for pageview, our posts that has been viewed, traffic sources and also our audiences.

If we want to view in details , just click on the tabs below.

Under this tab, we can view our posts that been viewed. It also shows how many view for each pages.

Traffic Sources

Under traffic sources, we can view the traffic of our blog. It covers referring URLs, referring sites, and also search keywords that people used that lead to our blog. Amazing huh? :)


Wahhh.. I like the content under this tab. It show you the audience from various browser, country (come with world map) and operating system(OS).

see, they even show our traffic in pie chart! :)

And, we also can choose to view our stats in daily, weekly, monthly or all time... :)

Till then... happy blogging buddies... \(^_^)/

January 11, 2011

Hectic Week 2

Ok.. sambungan ceritaku ini...

Tak cukup dengan pam Spectra 3 ku yang rosak... Akak cafe at my office ( where I everyday tumpang my milk in her freezer) won't continue her business here because her contract will end this December 2010. Huaaaa... where I'm gonna keep my EBM after this? My office don't provide a fridge (in fact we don't even need a fridge in the office). Fikir punya fikir, after discussion with Mr, Judge, we decided to buy a small fridge a.k.a mini bar to put in the office.. Wuaaaaa there goes my bonus..huhuhu...

Sooo... on the same day, I spent almost RM800 for Avent manual pump + Midea mini bar. Phewwww...

The next day, I received a call from Histopoint, telling me that my Spectra 2 is ready... and once again, during my lunch break, I drove all the way from Cyberjaya to Subang Jaya to pick up my Spectra 2. And oh gosh... I went there at the same time with people finish their Jumaat pray... wrong timing I guess... the traffic is terribly horror.. huhuhu...

January 10, 2011

Susu Formula Membahayakan Nyawa Bayi Anda??

Oh my Goshhh...

I just found out this article from enjoybreastfeeding , this study was done in the United Kingdom by scientists from Keele University, Staffordshire. The researches had found a metal in the formula milk. aiyooo..... bahayanya ada aluminium di dalam susu formula yang melebihi daripada jumlah yang dibenarkan.

Oleh itu, susu ibu jugak lah yang terbaik untuk bayi kita... :)

January 08, 2011

Hectic Week 1

This week was a very hectic week..
As starting of a new year, i took a leave on Monday coz my MIL went back to hometown... so no one here to take care of Humaira.. Luckily mr Judge also on leave that day.. Yeayyy... can spent more time with him since he left me for 3 weeks due to his job requirement...

Ok then as usual, I woke up at 5am , Tuesday morning to express my breastmilk.. Suddenly while I'm pumping, my pump stop the suction...Aiyoooo... I need at least 5oz of milk for that day stock... Godek2 the pump, still not working..huhu.. Express with hand? Of course I was thinking bout it too.. but how?? I was pampered by expressing milk using electrical pump from the beginning.. never use hand..
So, when arrived at the office, I called the supplier of Spectra, story to them bout my problem.. they asked me to bring the pump to the centre and they'll check it 1st... Ok then during lunch break, I drove all the way from Cyberjaya to Subang Jaya.. Oh ya.. the service centre is Histopoint located at SS18 Subang Jaya... they do a services for various type of Spectra pump.

Dipendekkan cerita... they said milk got into the pump.. In the pump also got a tube just like the long tube at the outside but shorter. So I must leave my pump there for at least 2 days. aiyooooo.... then how am gonna express my milk? OK. they said they can loan to me their pump. ok then I agreed.. and guess what? thay gave me spectra 2.. wuaaa.... the pump is about double size from spectra 3 and of course the weight also heavier than S2 also...

Maybe coz not familiar with the S2, my nipple get pain and hurt using this pump. Argghhhh... tak tahan, on the 2nd day, back from work, I went to Bebe's Home at Seksyen 9 Shah Alam and bought a new manual pump.. AVENT! hehe.. finally... (I will write about Avent later..in the next post.. maybe..:))

January 07, 2011

Happy New Year World...

Wahhhh.. dah lama giler tak menjenguk ke blog ni.. since SHAZA HUMAIRA muncul dalam hidupku... hehe...

Sempena tahun 2011 yang baru je datang nil.. ku ingin mengucapkan selamat tahun baru kepada semua... semoga tahun 2011 ini membawa seribu kegembiraan dan kejayaan dalam hidup kita.. InsyaAllah... Aminnn... :)