August 30, 2010

Iftar Ramadhan 2010

Alhamdulillah.. I'm so happy tonight. although this is our 2nd Ramadhan as husband and wife, but can say that this year is our 1st time we stay separately with parents. As a wife, my routine for every morning is wake up at 5am and prepare the food for our sahur.. Mr Judge??? still zzzz.. hehe..

Yesterday, i'd decided to prepare our iftar by myself.. after work, i'm rushing drove back to home and take out all the ingredients from freezer and start my cooking.. I made sotong goreng kari (credit to mat gebu), udang bakar and sayur campur goreng sos tiram.

And for all this things, what makes me soooooo happy and worth my effort is, when I saw Mr Judge add his rice and not enuff with that, he even ate my udang bakar on its own.. Owhhhh... and know what he said after finish eating?
"puas hati berbuka hari ni.. menepati seleranya.." Wuaaa... rasa hilang segala penat lelah hari ni... :)
*ni yang buat my semangat berkobar-kobar untuk memasak lagi nih.. :)

Oh yaa.. i'd snapped my cooking pictures... I'll upload the pictures later coz still in camera...

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