June 25, 2010


hehe.. saje wat title mcm tu.. i'm so happy with my pregnancy.. to get to feel the baby kicking make me feel so alive and happy.. until now we still cant confirm the gender of our baby.. we went to clinic last month juz to scan the gender but the doc can't confirm it because baby only showed it's 'egg' but can't see clearly the 'bird'.. so it can be a girl and maybe a boy.. so, this weekend we're going to do a scanning again, n this time we gonna do a 4D scan.. hope can see clearly the gender.. bukan apa, bila dah tau gender baby, senang sket nk shopping.. hehe..

For 1st baby ni, me n my hubby xkisah sangat gurl or boy.. as long as baby sihat n sempurna sifatnya, Alhamdulillah.. xsabarnya nk jumpa baby nanti..

BABY.. Mommy juz want u to know that i really really really love you.. you are my strength to face any obstacles in my life.. Baby hang on in there ok.. be strong and insyaAllah we'll see you soon.. very soon.. :)

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