July 08, 2008

Choosing The Right Career

Hi guys..

While I’m doing my task at office this afternoon, something was crossed my mind. It's about enhancing my career.. So, I Google out this topic..

There are so many options in choosing the right career out there. To choose the right job is also not as easy as abc... Wrong decision, u will come up with suicide.. hahaha.. can I say that?  There are tools to help us to do a right choice. It is called career test. Lot of career test u can find on the internet. One of my favorite website is http://careerplanning.about.com . U can find more about job here…

Choosing the right job is very important. Even I am now at my dream job, that I always said to people surrounding me that this is what I want to be, still, I can’t stop thinking about my choice that I made. Am I made a right decision or is programmer is the suitable job for me? Hmm… keep thinking until I found the satisfaction in my job.. then I can consider it as my career.

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